Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Adventures

So, Raist's PMPS (evening pre-insulin) levels were very nice, which means he's neither too high nor too low to have an excuse for feeling poopy and cranky over. I've cracked the sliding door to the kittens' room at (Tanin + 1") width so the meepers can come out and explore at their own pace, but if Senor Whinybutt decides to hulk out and take off after them, they have a sanctuary (since I've no doubt that a thoroughly enraged cat, even on tile, is faster than me in the dead sprint).

So far the "skittish in new places" is holding true. They're venturing out into the hall, then the living room, then towards the office... then some noise will occur (dishwasher, car passing, gnat fart) and they hightail it back to the guest room. 30 seconds later, rinse, repeat.

Ironically, Palin (the runt) is the brave explorer of the two, and Tanin (who is nearly twice his size), is spending most of his time either trailing a few steps behind, or even hiding in the guest room and peeking around the doorframe in a Looney Tunes-type fashion.

J. mentioned yesterday that it was odd, he hadn't heard either of them meow yet. A few minutes ago, Palin made it to the middle of the living room and began meeping up a storm, basically bitching for His Brother The Muscle to GET OUT HERE AND BE BACKUP ALREADY.

Raist is currently napping on his Throne (a backless spare office chair), blissfully unaware of events unfolding. We'll see if the meepers even make it into the office tonight.
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