Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Cap'n Chunkabutt Update

The vet says he is responding amazingly well so far. First of all, he actually ate today, which the vet said was astoundingly good, he didn't expect him to get his appetite back for another day at least. Also, he is peeing up a storm, which means his kidneys are functioning and he is flushing the toxins out of his system.

Vet can't make an absolute determination until the final bloodwork tomorrow afternoon, but he is "extremely pleased" with the progress so far, and if Blubbo continues recovering at this rate I may be able to even bring him home tomorrow night. I got to visit him for half an hour this evening (which is the longest they wanted to keep him off the IV), and he is still dehydrated and wobbly, but he was prone to wandering around, headbonking the furniture for pettins, and *harrumph*ing loudly at everything, which amused the vet to no end. I gave him many many cuddles and kitty-lyre-ings (he's a bit weak still for the full banjo*), and he gleefully shed all over me. I left an unwashed tee shirt with them (at disgruntledgrrl's suggestion) so he can sleep on something that smells like home. He still seems sick, but he definitely seems a large bit more like himself.

So whatever juju you guys are doing? PLEASE KEEP DOING IT I THINK IT'S WORKING.

Thank you so much.

* This will be in a comic at some point, but a long time ago one of the 'loafs was being particularly feisty in my lap, and I was trying to adjust him, and I ended up with his front paws and chest supported up in the air on one arm which his lower half was still jello-ing in my lap. As I rubbed his exposed belly, I realized that I was almost exactly mimicking the position and actions of strumming a banjo. I immediately launched into a vigorous impromptu "Kitty Banjo" song while I did so. The cat was utterly torn between "Yay! Belly rubbins!" and "Hey wait, she's making FUN of me!" It's since become a tradition, including the song. Caramon is still a bit fragile to be hoisted and stretched in that manner, so today I splayed him on his back across my lap, held his front paws out of the way with one hand, and rubbed his belly that way. Hence, "Kitty Lyre".**

** And wow, I just realized my brain is a strange cultural mishmash of things. I meant the Chinese lyre, not the Greek one.
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