Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Oh, memories

A year or two ago, at AnimeFest, we did a webcomics panel as usual. It was very good, full of enthusiastic people and good questions. But over the course of it, in the room next door, we kept hearing... noises. I think it was an anime karaoke panel, but I couldn't tell, because the only times the noises broke through they were hideous. We kept stopping in the middle of questions and cringing at the wall. It wasn't even like people were tone-deaf, it sounded like someone raping a tiger with a garden rake. In Japanese. We kept making small jokes about it and carrying on the best we could. Finally, at the end when we only had time for one last question, a gent piped up.

"Since we've been putting up with them this whole time, why don't YOU guys sing a song?"

We all looked at each other blankly. What song would we all know the words and tune to? What would be appropriate for an anime convention? Then it hit me and I grinned.

"This was a triumph..." adalheidis_aria and artphr33k chimed in with me immediately, and the other panelists quickly joined in. The audience began to cheer, clap and sing along.

And now, I find, someone in the audience managed to get it on video. It was one of the best panels I've ever been on, and this video just brings the fuzzies back in full force.
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