Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Random SDCC notes

Every morning, the same routine:

Voice of God*: "Attention Exhibitors: The Con is now open."
Randy: "Wanna bet?"

* The woman who is the Voice of God(tm) at ComicCon is absolutely awesome and I want to buy her a drink many many drinks someday if she will ever reveal her identity. For the uninitiated:

- There are a bunch of pre-recorded announcements in a Very Pleasant Generic Male Voice. Unfortunately, when you get 150,000 people in one space, events that you did not pre-record for tend to happen. This led to several amusing Max Headroom-style attempts at staff looping through the clips. At one point I clutched my head and screamed "DEAR GOD DON'T TRY AGAIN! GIVE UP! GO HOME AND HAVE A DRINK!" (After 5 solid minutes of jerky repetition of the first 5-30 seconds of a clip of Said Guy) which led to some passerby laughing so hard they bought a book. So I suppose it's not all bad.

- The Voice of God is a woman who is actually in the control booth, with the available camera viewpoint of EVERYONE, who can take over everything should she so choose. DO NOT make her choose, dude. Seriously.

- Fuck Dune, guys, she has The Voice. It doesn't actually stimulate your nerve endings, but it taps into some primal instinct of The Aunt You Really Like Who Is Cool And You Don't Want To Disappoint.

- Last year she killed us with "Attention exhibitors: We AGAIN ask you to keep your children within your booth confines during setup hours. We almost just squished a child with a forklift. And that would have SUCKED. Thank you."

- This year? "Attention exhibitors: We ask you to keep your children within your booth areas during post-con breakdown. Thank you."

- "Attention exhibitors: No, really. Please grab your children and bring them back within booth confines for the duration of breakdown for THEIR SAFETY."

- "Attention exhibitors: NO, REALLY."

- "Attention exhibitors: You guys standing in the middle of the aisle in 900, I AM TALKING TO YOU."

- "Attention elite security: Security members currently sweeping from 1100 to 1200. STOP WHERE YOU ARE."

- "Yes, the ones tho just pointed at yourselves. Good job. TURN AROUND."

- "Now please go back 3 aisles and tell the people in the aisle with the children to TAKE THE CRAP OUT OF THEIR EARS."

Meanwhile, aeire, jenniebreeden and I are falling over one another in the booth howling in laughter. It's the little things.
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