Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Proof or GTFO

Just to say: Yes, I was at CCSD. Yes, as an exhibitor. Yes, I was even on a panel. Yes, the panelists almost outnumbered the audience, but it was 11AM Sunday morning, what do you expect? ;D I WAS STILL THERE!

My favorite bits:

11:30 - "Are any of your characters based on your life?" "Well, back when I lived in feudal Japan..."
16:45 - A question for just me! EEEE!
19:00 - "So then we went into the woods" became a meme for the rest of the Con.
23:00 - Say it with me: AWWWW
27:50 - This even creeped me out. Not just the fact that we came up with the exact same joke at the exact same time, but the hand gesture and the sound effect. COMMUNAL BRAIN!
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