Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


So I decided on a strange combination of culinary originality and tackiness this evening. Started out with Supermarket Generic-O Hamburger Helper Lasagna Style Thing, since it had been on sale for Holy Crap Cheap. While browning the ground beef (90% lean, om nom) I slathered it in Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, white pepper, and Melting Pot's garlic & wine seasoning. Browned as normal, drained as normal, added rest of crap as normal, brought to simmer as normal. Then I added 1/4 a small tub of fat-free sour cream, about 1/3 of a package of mild cheddar & Colby cheese cubes, Mediterranean basil and Greek oregano. And some more black pepper, 'cause hey. Stirred at a low simmer until the sauce blended and thickened, then served with tossed caesar salad and hot garlic bread. Quoth J: "What the hell did you do to this? This is fantastic!" Me: "...messed with it?"

Afterwards, while I was eating at the desk, Caramon (AKA Cap'n Chunkabutt) came and whine-sharked around the chair before jumping up in my lap and oh-so-subtly sticking his head in my dish.
I yelled, "No, cat! You cannot has my lasagna!"


"On a Monday."


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