Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


This morning:

Me: Ngh. Feels like I didn't sleep at all. Was I tossing and turning?
J.: Oh yes. A lot.
Me: Sorry.
J.: You also accused me of weasels.
Me: I accused you of doing what to weasels?
J.: No, just accused me of them.
Me: o_O
J.: I tried to snuggle up to you, and you sat up and went "Hey! Nuh uh! Weasels!" and like, *tsked* at me. Then went back to sleep.
Me: *snrkt!*
J.: I categorically deny this accusation, by the way.
Me: Hey, the first sign of weasels is denial, you know.
J.: Hmf!
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