Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Reasons why I am married.

Today was Trin's 8th birthday. (I KNOW, RITE? Time flies, am old, do not collect $200.) She wanted to go fishing, so we loaded up and went out to a local lake where we proceeded to fish, hike, skip rocks, curse submerged logs, and debate about the actual contents of stinkbait*.

As we were packing up, Trin stumbled across the severed wing and shoulder section of a gull lying far back on the edge of the shore. I have no idea what did that to it, but it was fairly Silent Hill-esque.

"Dude! It's, like... half a bird!" she yelled, which we acknowledged, dude, was so.

"Why's there only half a bird?" she asked.

"Well obviously, it's half-a-bird day. I mean, duh."** I said, in a jovial manner. Trin looked at me skeptically. I nodded sagely and began to sing.

"HALF-A-BIRD DAY TO YOU! HALF-A-BIRD DAY TOOO YOUUUU! HALF-A-BIRRRD DAYYY DEEEEEEEARRRR TRINNNITTTYYYY..." Trin fell over sideways howling with laughter whilst James attempted to beat me to death with his fishing rod.

After we finally manhandled everything into the car and started on the way home, Trin was asking why people bothered to go fishing if one was not guaranteed to catch at least one keepable fish each time. (We'd caught one crappie, but it was smaller than the size limit.) We discussed the pleasure of surprise, the feeling of accomplishment one gets from practice and skill, and the fact that one can get seriously major eating off various types of fish depending on size. James pointed out that catching one tuna fish does not equal just one can of tuna, but actually three months worth of eating nothing but tuna three meals a day. Trin's eyes got huge. We went on to discuss other types of fish, and flavor vs. size vs. storage capacity, while Trin was quiet.

"So... If you got REALLY lucky and caught FOUR tuna, you could eat for a whole YEAR?!" she suddenly blurted from the back seat. I acknowledged this was potentially so.

"O, four tuna!" cried James. I gave him a narrow glare that told him that his presence behind the wheel at freeway speeds was the only thing saving him from a walloping at that moment. He averred that given my previous pun, we were even for the day. I harrumphed and maintained that mine was better, which Trin backed me up on and began singing loudly again from the back seat. We finally came to a truce as we pulled into the house, and I began to prepare dinner and wrap presents and James and Trin unloaded the car and began to slather aloe vera on sunburns.

All in all, a pretty gorram idyllic day, I think.

* According to the package, liver and cheese. According to us and our noses, cat poo and goblin guts.

** I would like to note that not until THAT EXACT MOMENT did the pun occur to me. We have a family tradition of answering impossible questions with silly made-up holidays. Hence things like "Annual Ducks-In-the-Pool Day" and "Bathroom Gecko Eve".
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