Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Asking for three minutes and one dollar.

As I've said previously, I ask for money really rarely, and if you look back I don't think I've ever asked for it for us. I know about Nigerian scams and social networking and all the horrible negative BS that pervades our society, especially when the anonymous mask of the internet is there as an identity shield. But for most of us right now, times are freakin' tough to some degree. Maybe it's just that you're having to choose which loved ones get holiday gifts this year. Maybe it's choosing which days this month you get to eat in order to have enough left over to pay for gas to get to work. There are a million degrees of being affected by the current crisis, and a million stories. Here's one more, and I put it forth to you to do as you will.

A regular family in a regular life. He works, she stays at home with their two kids (one of whom is developmentally disabled and so needs extra care), and just found out another is on the way. Then, the crunch hits. His job vanishes. The family car, with the Murphy-esque timing known by all, picks now to give up the ghost. They have to take an extra mortgage to put food on the table and get him to job interviews, but nothing pans out. Now it's coming due and they are looking at losing their house, the house she bought with the insurance money from the death of her mother, where they've raised their children. "You don't happen to have $10,000 laying around, do you?" she joked.

Well of course not. I'd say pretty much none of us do.

But do you have a dollar?

I do. I just reached into my pocket and pulled out $3.57. If one of those dollars fell out while I was walking down the street I probably wouldn't recognize it was missing. All I'm doing is reaching out to the giant social network that is the internet and saying: hey, got a buck? If you don't (and ye gods know there are plenty of us who can't spare a dime) then more power to you. Pass the story along if you feel like it, maybe it will reach a new group of people and a new set of potential. But if you CAN... maybe you just didn't feel like getting coffee this morning. Maybe the deli had a half-off special on your favorite sandwich. Maybe you came into a windfall while looking through the pockets of your winter coat. Whatever the case may be, IF AND ONLY IF you have that forgotten dollar to spare, can you hand it to these guys?

Because if 10,000 people do that, their house is saved and we have struck a HUGE blow for, well, the general goodness of mankind in a culture that encourages us all to be cold, backstabbing nihilists. And yeah, ten thousand people seems like an insurmountable number... then I looked at our hit logs. More people than that swing by every day to giggle at the antics of cats. And if I can reach even a fraction of those people, the people who stop to read AND give a flip AND have the dollar to spare... then hey, at least that's SOMETHING, right?

Right now life sucks for everyone. And every opportunity we have to band together and make the world a slightly less sucky place, I think benefits us all as a whole.

EDIT: Holy crap, people. WE DID IT.
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