Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Reviving the To-DOOM!

- Go to store for beer, cat litter and people litter.
- Change catbox before they begin the Houdini Urination Routine ("How did they pee INSIDE THE GUN SAFE?")
- Bulldoze kitchen detritus into outside garbage can with heavy machinery. Consider: belching, scratching groin, smoking cigar, growing facial stubble.
- Finish crushing the insubordinate laundry rebellion. Gloat over their crisply folded corpses from my tyrannical throne of cleaning supplies.
- "And now that Clothingopolis bows to my yoke... YOU ARE NEXT, DISHTOPIA! MWAHAHAHA!"
- Clean fishtank before it becomes a "seasoned icthyoid-algae smoothie"
- Feed Stupid Bloatyfish green peas so they are cured of Bloaty. Attempt to find a way to cure goldfish of Stupid. Fail.
- Do full edits on at least one chapter of Most Gods-Fucking-Awful Manuscript Evar. Attempt to commit seppuku with laser mouse. Fail.

- Schlep 30 pounds of gothic Halloween decorations to garage and attic.
- Refuse to yet schlep down 30 pounds of gothic Xmas decorations because YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHEN TO DECORATE, CORPORATE AMERICA! YOU'RE JUST A TOOL OF THE MAN! I HATE YOU! YOU'RE NOT MY MOM! I'M GOING TO KAREN'S! *SLAM*
- Sort/file/shred a small rainforest's worth of paperwork that is beaming guiltwaves from the corner of my desk.

- Drink a glass of chilled white wine, smoke a clove, and watch tonight's storm roll through from the shelter of the back patio.
- Put together an AMV of the Fallout 3 "Vault 112 VR/Betty" quest sequences, especially the final one, to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", because there is something wrong with my head.
- Do a rewrite of my steampunk story. Sweetly cajole lisamantchev into looking at it.

*The idea behind the breakdown is to focus on the biggest/most important ones first, but to make sure to do at least one from each group to maintain a sense of accomplishment and sanity.
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