Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Shout out to you all

I do this very rarely, since times are tough and there are so many scams out there right now. But this is something I can 100% guarantee is true since I know everyone involved.

Two of my friends are going through a particularly rough time right now. He's recently lost his job, and she's working her fingers to the bone with overtime. Sounds like a lot of us, right? In the middle of this, their cat Misha, their only beloved pet, got mysteriously and deathly ill. Some people in this situation would say "Well, too bad, see ya." Other people like me, and them, and many of you, would do everything within their means and beyond to help what is truly another member of the family.

Unfortunately, after a lengthy and valiant struggle, Misha lost the battle with non-regenerative anemia. They still do not know what caused it, having tested for and ruled out leukemia, AIDS, FIV, cancer, parasites, internal bleeding, and space aliens. But the battery of tests, along with office visits, overnight stays, oxygen tank therapy, etc. have completely drained their savings, maxed their credit, and have left them scrambling to even pay rent in a time of extreme grief.

So all I ask is this: if there is anything you can spare to help them through this, even a dollar, it would be greatly appreciated. And if you're strapped like most of us are these days, just sending your kind thoughts would be a blessing. Thanks, you're all awesome people.

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