Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


this is making my day
encephelopathy: oh god, you could be here forever
me: oh yes
encephelopathy: da cuteness!
me: teeny feets!
and teh bellehs!
encephelopathy: hehheee
me: *snuzzles them*
encephelopathy: I can't stop looking at kitttttiiiiiieeeeessss
me: mwa ha ha ha
encephelopathy: XD
me: kitten addiction
encephelopathy: the invisible killer... of productivity
me: indeeds
I will not kitten
Kitten is the work-killer
Kitten is the little distraction that brings total procrastination
I will ignore the kitten
I will allow it to scamper past me and out of my browser
Only my job will remain
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