Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


I'm trying to stay out of the political discussions. I really am. But I'd just like to ask:

Which is really the "malicious voter fraud and disenfranchisement"?

- A bunch of workers paid by the hour filling out forms for "Mickey Mouse" in order to make quota, knowing those forms will be caught and thrown out and have no effect on the actual election whatsoever?

- Or people counterfeiting government notices and distributing them to Democrats with the specific intent of fooling them into not voting?

I'm certainly not saying that "all Repubs are like this", any more than I would want to be lumped in if some psycho asshole Dem were the one doing this in the opposite direction. It just makes me go "Hey, look! Something MUCH WORSE than ACORN! Can we stop HARPING about it supposedly being The Biggest Fraud Ever now?"
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