Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

So THAT'S where it came from...

Scene from work this morning (italics designate internal dialogue):

Me: *stands up*ARRRRGH! I can't take fighting with this code any more! I need to go on a caffeine run.
Me: *shoves bra straps back up* I really need to wash the rest of these new bras before I wear them, the straps are so slippery they won't stay cinched no matter what I do...
Me: Okay, did I remember to bring cash today? *pats front pockets* Damn, just loose change.
Me: Wait, I think I still have my debit card from getting gas this morning... *pats back pockets* Yes! Off to the store...
Coworker: o_O
Me: ...what?
Coworker: ...why did you just get up and start doing the Macarena?
Tags: humor, metaquotes
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