Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


Just went for a walk over my lunch break... managed to do between 4.5-5 miles (which made me a little late getting back). Things my dumb ass needs to remember to bring next time:
- water
- sunblock
- short-sleeved non-work shirt

Rehydrating like a mofo now ("Whoa, why did I just start sweating? Wait, when did I STOP sweating? Oops...") and trying to plan out the rest of the day/week/thing.

- Find healthy salmon recipe that doesn't involve going back to the store A WINNAR IS ME
- Make sure sales license for CCI is taken care of they put it in the mail this afternoon, woot woot holla etc.
- Swing by a sign-type place to see about, well, a sign for CCI
- Finish off last of laundry. Do impudent little mocking dance at it.
- Email cousins about descending on the DFW area in a month or so
- Call various repairy-type-people about coming out and fixin' tha shit whut needs ta be fixed
- Put up a second metric buttload of auctions to go with the first buttload

- Write -ing essay for -ing surgery so I can get off this -ing medication that is destryoing my #%$@#$%ing bones and did I mention my -ing legs HURT?
- Finish readthrough & edit of friend's manuscript
- Write very very long overdue book review because I suuuuuuuuck
- Write at least 3 comic scripts before my backlog is gone

- Drink a moderate amount of very chilled wine
- Drown loudly complaining legs in tub
- Read small mountain of newly-acquired comics
- Play some AoC and imagine picts are actually annoying RL people
- Knit and possibly finish some long-overdue giftage

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