Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

The Good, The Bad, and the AIEEURRRUGHGURRGUH

- Con prep is 99% done!

- To misquote Adventure Time: My hair! Is! AWESOME!! Tweedy once again worked her magic, so I can be identified as the woman with the dark waist-length hair with the dozen-ish black-widow-bright red stripes all through it. (As opposed to amelie_ami_chan, who is the incredibly AWESOME woman with short hair with the two bright red stripes in front!)

- LOST finale tonight! Which we may or may not get to watch!

- Panels at 1PM Friday, 5PM and 7 PM Saturday, and 11 AM Sunday! (Why do I have the sneaking suspicion NO ONE will be at that last one? The reverent will be in church and the sinners will be sleeping it off.)

- Those of you who are programmers will laugh at me. "Oh," I said this morning, "The only thing I really have left to do before I'm done today is just convert this pair of off-formatted date strings into a parsed single day-length date-span integer! This should be EASY!" Augh my brain. I'm sure someone already invented this wheel for Grails, but I couldn't find it, and my attempts to create it resulted in 15,000 slightly lopsided ovoids and one really pissed off triangle.

- Speaking of pissed off... the 'loafs totally have learned to identify luggage. They are stomping around the house with this "oh bitch you did not I am SO going to pee on something" attitude as we finish preparations.

- ...why is it you will trip over something in your closet for four gorram years, and the one time you decide to wear it it is GONE? FOUND IT! It was knocked off the hanger and fell behind J.'s jackets.

- Household moment:
Me: Okay, what else should I pack?
J.: Hey, why not pack [marital aid]? ;D
Me: O_O
J.: ...what? We could use some stress relief when we get back to the hotel room, and--
Me: OH! Oh christ, I thought you meant for the TABLE, and I was all WHAT THE FUCK...
J.: *falls on the floor howling with laughter*
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