Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

What am I signing up for? XD

Thanks to donations and help and mad skillz (and wiping out my elite flying mount fund, small as it was) I've gotten... mostly kinda pretty close to Kara-geared*. My only greens left are my offhand (since I just switched from staff to 1H sword and haven't caught up yet) and my pants (working on spellstrike set). So, starting next Friday, I may well be joining mr_rubix in what is largely viewed as Certain Death:

...PUGging Karazhan (KZ). Say a prayer for me, people. XD

* I am grinding to get both spellstrike patterns, which would nudge me a lot closer to the 100 spellhit/ 700 spell dmg that I am going for. But even at the moment, I'm still regularly hitting 450-550 DPS in endgame instances without usually pulling aggro, which I think is good enough to at least stick my toe in the Kara PUG pool. ;D
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