Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

That's no moon, it's a cat pan!

So, I'm considering (if financial things work out well and I can find a good bargain on one) investing in a Death Star Litter Robot. I previously had a LitterMaid, which worked quite well, but the 'loafs have developed an unfortunate habit of peeing SIDEWAYS. So in a regular covered litterbox, this isn't an issue. But the LitterMaid is designed open like a regular box, and the "Kitty Kabana" you can get to cover it just funnels the spray into the unsealed joints of the hollow framework, so that when you disassemble the thing to try and find out where that fermenting reek is coming from, it squirts out under pressure and...

Yeah, so the LitterMaid's in the garage. Right now the boys are back to using a regular ol' covered litterbox, but I really miss the convenience (both for me and them) of an automatic cleaner. Since they're starting to get on in years I know I should be cleaning it once or twice a day, but schedules do not always allow that to happen and that's not fair to them.

So, looking at the Death Star O' Poo, it's both a covered box AND an automatic one, which would solve a lot of problems. The only thing I'm worried about is A. whether Caramon's chunky butt will fit in it, and B. since the thing rotates to clean, and they pee up the wall, will this cause the wall to be coated in clumping litter? Or will it just fall/be scraped off by the action of the machine?

I already emailed the manufacturer with these questions, but have any of you tried this contraption before? How did you like it? Was it worth the money? Did your cat start meowing like James Earl Jones?
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