Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Letter that must be writ

Dear TXDoT -

Recently you sent my husband a letter. I understand that you have this new "Don't Mess With Texas" citizens' initiative, where people can write in and inform you of observed littering. I also understand why these reports are not actionable, since the complaint could be anything from a valid sighting to an honest mistake (spit, wiper fluid, etc.) to someone falsely reporting on someone who stole their parking spot. So your only available action is basically a "tsk, tsk!" of sending out a warning note and a complimentary trash bag for the potential offender's vehicle.

You recently sent my husband such a bag for his car. I have ridden in this car, when necessary, for years now. Please understand I am not abusing metaphor when I say that your attempt is the equivalent of sending Jack the Ripper a squeezy stress-relief ball. I have to ride with my feet tucked under me to avoid a re-enactment of the compactor scene from Star Wars in the passenger wheel well.

Please, save your trash bag money and use it to repair one of the big honkin' potholes outside our house.

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