Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

They're going to take my goth license

Me: Yee!
J. What on earth are you watching?
Me: Some anime called Chi's Sweet Home. It's like someone made 5-minute anime episodes of Snooch!
J.: Oh really?
Me: Man, I SO needed this. It's just brainless cute infusion. Like anime twinkies. It's sucking the festering rage right out of my soul.
J.: Oh lord, my bebe loves Shojo.
Me: What? Oh no, FUCK YOU!
J.: Dude, that's totally shojo.
Me: No, shojo's all the boy-meets-girl red-string "OH YOU ARE MY DESTINED LOVE BUT I AM A NEUROTIC TWIT" flail flail unresolved junior-high drama sweatdrop crap. It's the 90210 of manga.
J.: No, that's a huge subset, but shoujo's just the demographic of 13-and-under girls. Which, you have to admit, an anime about an adorable kitten definitely falls into.
Me: ...well, balls.
J.: Sorry.
Me: Then on the other side I like Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell and Paranoia Agent and Death Note. So I guess I'm a peg fetishist.
J.: ??
Me: I like either the obscenely cutesy or the extremely noir and twisted. No real grey area. You've gotta peg out on one end or the other to intrigue me.
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