Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


So, we were dashing around the ren faire yesterday for Trin's b'day. (For a full writeup of the birthday girl's antics, see flemco's LJ, as he has written it up better than I could.) It was much much awesome, THANK YOU again to jperegrine and the rest of The Corsairs for the birthday song for her!

We ran into artphr33k and her beau and spent a goodly part of the day running around with them along with geminibalance. At one point we were watching Trin on a pony ride, and saw across the way a couple of fellows, one who had a golden exclamation point above his hat, and one who had a question mark. artphr33k and I "SQUEE!"'ed loudly and dashed over to the exclamation fellow, poking him in the chest and crying "click click click!" He then made our day even further by whipping out a leather satchel and saying "what type of quest would you like?" He handed artphr33k a scroll to find an oracular cat and give her some origami. I was about to go dash off and help her with it when flemco wandered over to see what we were doing, and the fellow handed HIM a quest.

"Ah," I said. "I suppose I really should group with my spouse then."
"Oh!" said the fellow. "This one can be a group competition quest, really!"
"OHO!" says I. "Do let me see!"
I look at J.'s scroll.

Quest objective: Perform a WoW racial dance.

For those of you not in the know, I'm currently studying capoeira. Which is also what WoW used for the male troll racial dance. I grinned evilly at J., who rolled his eyes. The quest-giver looked confused as I took off my pouch-laden belt, as he was no doubt expecting me to do the poledancer-tastic night elf or blood elf routines. I bust out into ginga, the default dance maneuver, and then throw the first high kick over the guy's head.


Drop back, ginga a bit more, then throw the spin/sweep kicks, ginga again, throw another kick over his head, stop and curtsy to him.

Oh yeah, did I mention I was in full merchantwoman garb at the time, including two heavy brocade skirts and a bodice with a full-length hardened leather frontispiece/dagger sheath holding a blade? (AKA no bending between collarbones and waist). I was tempted to throw in the amazonas (the first handstand move in the troll video), but I knew the attempt would end up with me crumpled in a pile of skirts and fail. It is definitely a pants-only maneuver! XD Same for the flip... I can't do no-hands yet on the best of days, but no way am I attempting even a one-handed in clothing that weighs more than I do and immobilizes my spine. ;D

The quest-giver is giving me a O_O look and then looks over at J.

J. immediately busts into the male undead dance. artphr33k (who has just come back from her quest) and I fall over each other laughing.

We cackle our way over to question mark fellow, who missed the entire thing while dealing with other people. He asks what's going down.

Exclamation guy: I have never seen anyone do the male troll dance before.
Question mark guy: o_O? *points at J.*
Exclamation guy: *points at me*
Question mark guy: O_O!

artphr33k, for her oracular bunny quest reward, as a caster, was given an "epic wand" (blowpop) which she immediately "disenchanted" (nom nom nom).

J., for getting "second place", was given a gilded certificate that reads "N00B".

And I, for "epic valiance", was awarded a pouch of 5g (chocolate), and officially dinged, being presented with a beribboned button reading "LEVEL 2".

I got to combine ren faire, martial arts and WoW. BEST! DAY! EVAR!
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