Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


Tado Taday:
- Shiv (or be shivved by) old ladies for the last good Easter supplies at store
- Small, whimpering pile of clean laundry left to be folded: FINISH HIM!
- Clean the kitchen
- Start DethStayke marinating for this evening's skewers (BRUTAL!)
- Clean the kitchen II: Electric Boogaloo
- Hose out "Kitty Kabana" where 'loafs have been having territorial pee-wars
- Quietly and maturely remove pile of dried leaves from front walk, which may or may not involve gleeful kicking and yelling "YEE HEE HEE!"
- Put mailing labels and postage on this week's merch, stuff in car before cats add "authentic shed"
- Pick up random J. detritus around the house (i.e. coffee cups in office, dining room, bathroom, attic, and freezer)
- Write strips until my brain turns to pudding
- Wrangle kidling while J. makes shish-kebabby things
- Bride of Clean the Kitchen
- Care, feeding, bathing, and bedtiming of kidlet. Tickling optional*. (* not)
- Son of Clean the Kitchen Goes to College
- Be madly seduced by Don Chardonnay
- Play WoW, Heroes of Might & Magic V, or Sims 2 depending on whether I feel like being social, leading an army, or exacting torturous revenge on effigies of a few particular individuals
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