Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

State of the Monday


Printer ink: refilled
Merch: mailed
Big trash: gone
Laundry: finished
Comics: bagged & boarded until we ran out of materials (thanks to the awesome geek-chick assembly line of myself, disgruntledgrrl, and trickykitty
Yard: beds cleared until we ran out of trash can (again thanks to same!)
12-foot grapefruit tree: acquired (thanks to randomness by sclerotic_rings and czarina69
Primary vote: cast
Karma points: stockpiled (from helping assist elderly persons at the voting center)
Big free patio table & umbrella: still available, people!
Sinuses: packed and sniffly for no good reason and not responding to medication, I should not have allergies in February, WTF, weather?

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