Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

My Sims are disturbing.

I've posted about my Sims addictions in the past. First was when I did that standard thing of creating sims based on J. and myself. I put that on hold when he almost faceplanted into a wall when I announced "we're having a baby!" (Hey, to be fair, immediately preceding that were other VERY OBVIOUS SIMS-RELATED ANNOUNCEMENTS like "we're moving to a new house!" "You've become a catburglar!" etc.)

Then came the realization of evil catharsis, where I started creating sims who looked not like me or people I liked, but like people I was extremely upset with. Then I locked them in tiny windowless rooms and watched them starve to death and light themselves on fire.

Sims 2 was pretty much more of the same with more detail. Moo hoo hoo ha ha. But usually it's either letting sims of people I don't like utterly ruin their lives because I refuse to intervene and save their dumb asses (real life wish fulfillment) or sitting there poking sims I do like with a stick because they're too dull and unmotivated to actually advance their own lives without forcing.

I recently restarted the game since my HD crashed, and made a decent copy of me and J. (although since the character creator only has front view, I inadvertently gave J. a very hooked nose. Oops.) It's been pretty much normal so far, until recently they got burgled. (The motherfucker stuffed a PIANO down his pants. I'm a fan of adventure game limitless pockets and all, but some things are just retarded.) The guy was caught and taken to jail, but the insurance paid out about 1/3 the cost of the piano (kind of like real life.) The next morning when Lil' Mel and Lil' J. woke up, they both had something odd appear in their "life goals/desires" list: "See (Name of Burglar)'s Ghost".

Huh, I thought, THAT'S odd. Usually they only want to see a ghost when someone they love has died. Then it only happens when they keep the ashes on the mantel or somewhere else in the house... And this guy's not even dead! Why would they--


My characters just made a life goal of putting out a HIT on the guy who robbed them?! And then keeping his corpse somewhere in the house so his ghost can manifest and they can gloat over it?! DAMN! ...I did too good of a job of making them like us in real life.

EDIT: And now, when he is supposed to be doing the dishes, Sim-J. has jumped into the bathtub and is pretending to be a retarded pirate on crack.

I DEFINITELY made these too close to real life.
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