Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

trying to balance

Things that are AWESOME!
- My hat
- Being able to work from home
- New cheez-its with tabasco
- Valentine's dinner consisting of enough meat to make all of Berkeley protest
- Weekend of no all-consuming plans!
- Making a new dish for dinner that sounds like it should be lovely
- Having wine
- Life is generally good

Things that are STUPID!
- My hat
- Having to work from home due to wrist and sinuses exploding
- Eating half a box of new cheez-its with tabasco AND HEROIN
- Wrist being utterly BORKED*
- GP being booked solid
- Chiro being on vacation
- Not having any old painkillers left, so reduced to wine
- Not knowing now if I am going to New York or not or when or for how long

* I slipped while trying to get out of the car last night at a crazy driveway angle in my Tall Boots O' Doom, and not thinking caught my full weight on the hand closest to the car, AKA the left AKA the Totally Fucked Wrist of Mystery Doom**. I let out a noise that I thought sounded like a schoolgirl and a coon hound in a deathmatch. J. said it wasn't nearly that bad, but he thought I'd spotted an intruder of some sort and was letting out a warbling battle-cry of some kind. Today it's gone from "generally okay unless you put weight on it with the palm flat" to "vaguely swollen and snarls at you if you look at it crosseyed."

** Things they have tested for and determined the problem is not: Carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, break, fracture, bone chip, bone spur, strain, sprain, torn ligament, dislocation, nerve or blood vessel compression, RSI, gout.
Things that it might be at this point: "Iunnuh? *shrug*"
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