Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Thankfuls, since it's been too long!

- There is nothing potentially fatal wrong with my health. I am generally hale, hearty, and in possession of all my faculties.
- Ditto J., Trin, and the cats.
- I have a good, stable, well-paying job that I 99% really like and gives me the opportunity for growth, with good benefits.
- I have a very nice home that is in no serious danger of falling on our heads.
- The comic is still doing well, our new advertising group is faboo, and we have a nice lineup of conventions this season.
- I have a goodly number of friends who are intelligent, loving, and supportive.
- A large family of people who are caring, crazy (the good kind), and long-lived.
- A mind to rhyme and two hyped feet (kidding)
- Lots of toys and tools with which to build a stable and enjoyable life.
- Even though my chemistry throws me in a funk fairly often, I still have good, productive, shining days like today.
- All of YOU.
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