Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

A new meme!

Okay, just pulled this modified version out of my butt. There've been plenty where you post songs that remind you of people on your friends list. I'm actually linking videos so people can hear them. Add you own or repost as you like!

disgruntledgrrl: Queen - Killer Queen, because, dammit, she is.

trickykitty: Pirates of Penzance - I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General, because she is so exactly PERFECT at everything she set her mind to.

flameamongcoals: Korn - Word Up (cover), because it's just the perfect theme for grab what you want, pull it in, and suck it dry. ;D

fleurrette: Rick James -
, because it's all about a beautiful woman who does what she wants even if society gets all O_O about it and she doesn't care, because it's who she is and she is awesome.

jconstantine: Bandits Soundtrack - Don't Forget To Catch Me. Because that's what we do, dammit.

deuce2: (Anyone) - Whiskey in the Jar-O, because he is the best brewer I've ever known.

gesundyke: Pink - Don't Let Me Get Me, because she, like me, knows what it's like (far more than me) to be trapped in the wrong body and feel like we are destroying ourselves.

flemco: Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure, because, well, it is. We've done so much together that we couldn't do apart. As long as he's by my side I feel I can do anything.

sabrarosa: Justin Timberlake - Bringing Sexy Back (Jack Sparrow Version), because she is the ultimate icon of female sexy for me.

crista: Pink- Get This Party Started, because she is THE PINKNESS. Period. ;D

fieryredhead: Dead Can Dance - Rakim, because she is the ultimate accomplished bellydancing hotness.

czarina69: Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science, because she is the most accomplished woman I've ever known in multiple fields and always awes me.

nefas: Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes, because, like me, we always get mistaken for "innocent vanilla good girls" and shock the shit out of people. :D

revhhkitty and thalen: Red Elvises - My Love Is Killing Me, and if you'd been at their wedding, you'd understand. ;D

elina: Rent- La Vie Boheme (Harry Po0tter Mix), because I mean, well, DUH.

frankie23: Custom - Beat Me, because, y'know, because.

irremedy: Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days, for my Angel brother, who knows.

mr_rubix: Nick Cave and the Badseeds - The Mercy Seat, for my Demon brother, who knows.

console_cowboy: Lightning Seeds - Pure, because we vowed in 1996, while listening to this song in the car on the way back to Davis from Berkeley, to write a book about all our college years called 129. I still plan on it.

koed: Oingo Boingo - Just Another Day, because he has to deal with more crap on a daily basis than I can conceive of.

eliish: Shool of Fish - Three Strange Days, from all the DragonCons we wrangled together. PLASTIC! CUPS!
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