Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Move zig!

Partially because I realized the other day that there are people on the internet who weren't around when this meme first happened, and second because when it did, I used to listen to this every morning before I started coding, and I need that kind of happy in my daily life again.

So, for those who've never seen it, and those who've forgotten: Where did that "all your base" thing come from, anyway?

There was one other thing I used to listen to as well, and now I can't recall what it was. I'll probably remember at 3 AM.

EDIT: Well some other things I usually ritually listen to on the way to work or when I first get there. I've tried to post them before, but usually while hammered and have epically farked up the HTML and added way too much TL;DR of "A BLOO BLOO" and ended up deleting or privatizing the post out of embarassment. Anyhoo. SOBER VERSION!

Duran Duran - Notorious: I don't know why, but forever this has been my Girl Coder song. Every time someone comes to me assuming I'm the secretary, or someone tries to run around me on my team because they want to "talk to someone (male) who knows code", or any of that crap. Holy crap, I can have a vagina and still know how to code! Imagine that! :P

This is my oldest ritual work song... KSJO used to play it every morning while I was on the way to work. It always reminds me of why I show up every day instead of stay home and write. AC/DC - Money Talks

Imani Coppola - Song of a Cowgirl: I can't believe there are no videos of this. Crazy.
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