Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

So far, so good.

Today I woke up an hour earlier than usual and hopped on the exerbike/laptop/machine of geek death. Probably didn't keep my speed up as much as I should have because I was trying to get the hang of the battle-at-sea system in the free PotC MMORPG, but I'll get better. Jumped in the shower, marveled once more at how odd yet wonderful and MY GODS TIME-SAVING it is to not have to shave or pluck ANYTHING. Ran through what I am now officially calling the "Werehair/there hair/there castle" routine, for the most part. Ran out of time before I could put on the final layer of shine enhancer and iron the whole thing, but I can do that when I get home. At least I got the regular conditioner/cuticle repair/leave-in anti-frizz series done so my hair is more simply wavy and less psychotically frizzy.

Actually had time to select an honest-to-goodness outfit! I am a symphony in burgundy and tarnished brass today: professional fitted burgundy top with brass snaps, snug but appropriate brand-new jeans, well-polished combat boots, woven burgundy choker with victorian brass filigree heart pendant, hammered brass Egyptian earrings, topped with the Browncoat of Ultimate Steampunk. I feel like I just stepped off the set of The Mummy, and it's fantastic. I've had three men so far almost fall over their own feet as I passed them in the hall. It might be admiration, it might be "Good Christ what is wrong with that crazy woman?" Either way, I am well-pleased.

- Mounted black wrought-iron wall hooks in the bedroom that match the Swingy Bed O Doom and the giant black antique armoire
- Mounted a shelf/hook combo in Trin's room that matches her white classic furniture set
- Got the fishtank completely cleaned, thanks to much help from sclerotic_rings
- Made a phenomenally tasty and healthy chipotle shredded pork stew based off czarina69's recipe
- Got house picked up & sorted and dishes and laundry finished in time for housecleaners to come scour the place
- Adjusted rates on the TL header ad to try and keep our paid impressions in the ZOMG range

- Spend lunch hour in a peer training session for a language I barely know
- Come up with a dynamic solution for displaying text modules in three different potential directions based on location and language selections
- Enter all planned PTO for the year for conventions & honeymoon (which, as it turns out, has to be in chronological order because the system is run by an etch-a-sketch wired to a hamster wheel)
- Run home, spackle Cracks of Not Quite So Cold Now But Need To Be Handled Anyway
- Finalize bio and images for CAPE! website
- Prod AggieCon into getting us a final yea/nay on whether they are paying for our room & table, i.e. whether we will BE there or not
- Sort clothing/posters/knickknacks/general miscellanea for offering to give away to friends, anything left goes to charity
- Start working on designs for TL 2nd gen stuffed toys, as well as 2008 convention shirt
- Look into another automatic litterbox of some kind (any recommendations out there?)
- Hack rosebushes back into submission, cackling madly and imagining tiny screams for mercy
- Make appointment with home warranty guys to come figure out what the blistering balls is wrong with the vent to the master bedroom
- Work towards finishing up my Frozen Shadoweave set. Just 'cause.
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