Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

This is the list that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends...

- 6 hours worth of project detail breakdown conference call BLARRRGH my brain
- Fixed snapped-off light fixture in kitchen with two pairs of needlenose pliers and a lot of cursing
- All dishes. HA!
- All laundry. HOO-AH!
- All picking up/tidying/putting away. (Spartaaaans?)
- Fixed Incense Holder of Ultimate Pirateyness that has been jammed for years
- Got down payment for honeymoon paid & confirmed
- Raked out several years worth of mulched leaves from pool equipment area. Unearthed a random pair of women's shoes. Am having disturbing thoughts about what really happened to previous owner's wife who "left him".

Still ta-doom:
- Seal windows of Ultimate Coldness
- Spackle wall cracks of Penultimate Coldness
- Deal with mountain of paperwork that is eyeing me insolently and muttering things about my parentage
- Wash hair, grease hair, dry hair, shine hair, iron hair. Werehair? There hair. There castle.
- Weed, mulch and winterize the flower beds in the brisk 30-degree freezing rain. HA HA HA ARE YOU HIGH?
- Finalize and buy travel tickets for CCI and honeymoon. Thinking about waiting to see if I can finagle some kind of work discount. And get a pony.

Ta-D'OH! (Things I shouldn't have done until I got everything else finished, but did anyway)
- Cast on the Bloody Stupid Johnson hat while sitting on the interminable conference call from hell. I needed a sanity-preserver.
- Had a beer officially 7 minutes before I am supposed to be off work. See above.
- Had a not terribly unhealthy lunch, but not a terribly healthy one either.
- Futzed around on LJ. Shh!
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