Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Tadoo Taday

- write assload o' streeps, since I actually got an idea for a short story arc am one short of finishing the arc, as I'm debating how much I feel like pushing the "family friendly" thing, but I'm at least 3 ahead
- Wrestle code in true Steve Irwin style Did not shove my thumb up its port, however
- Leave early and do ninja shopping strike on 3 or 4 different stores since nobody carries everything I need in one place, what is this world coming to, harrumph harrumph wave cane
- Clean kitchen with snow shovel
- Clean fishtank while attempting to hold off two intensely curious felines
- Spontaneously grow three extra limbs to accomplish the above
- Move leftover ubertasty cranberry pork roast into something slightly smaller than current 20-gallon crockpot
- Start J.'s random sausage potato stoo stuff of Mystery(tm)
- Command mountain of clean laundry to fold itself at gunpoint
- Do conference call/demo for Sydney team at ungodly hour, fortunately from the comfort of my own office or HEADS WOULD ROLL I TELL YOU
- Put down minimum deposit for goth cruise, which I have fortunately figured out how to wrangle despite garage and pool and house foundation all deciding to explode in fiery death at once
- Admire STILL hair-free legs. Decide pain was totally worth it. Cling to bottle of lidocaine lotion for next session anyway.

EDIT: Knew that was too short to be true.
- Finalize bio & site info for CAPE!
- Finalize table, hotel, and travel arrangements for AggieCon
- Finalize travel arrangements for CCI (can't do hotel until Feb 6)
- Sign up for new ad service, research appropriate rates, redesign site to accommodate close enough for now, anyway
- Update newsbox, FAQ and links pages while I'm at it, but hopefully we'll get iced in tomorrow so I can do it then
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