Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

hee hee hee

I'm starting to realize that I actually am a fairly decent cook when I put my mind to it. The other day I made my first brisket, at which point it was discovered I am a Brisket Savant or something. It came out freaking FANTASTIC. You could literally stick a regular fork into the roast and just pull off a mouthful without effort.

Tonight I am attempting UberBugers. I grew up thinking of burgers as something pretty basic. Take ground beef, shape it into patties, fry while sprinkling with garlic salt and black pepper. peglegpete taught me the way of the UberBurger, although I never actually tried them myself until tonight. They're kind of like a cross between burgers and meatloaf and GOD.

Take a regular package of low-fat ground beef. Mix with cracker crumbs, an egg or two as binder, large chunks of chopped garlic, a generous coating of Hot Cock Sauce, white pepper and seasoned salt. They should end up significantly denser than normal meatloaf consistency, but still gluey enough to hold together without crumbling. Cooked them up topped with aged tilamook extra-sharp cheddar and maple-smoked bacon. I would have fried up some onions in the bacon grease as well if I'd thought to pick them up at the store. Next time, Gadget! ;D

EDIT: Oh HELLS yes. I am putting "OM NOM NOM" on my resume.
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