Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Just as a note

Thanks to LJ's new policy of being able to report people for public posts containing "any material potentially inappropriate for readers under 14", I'm voluntarily flagging any public post that's PG-13 or above with the "adult content" tag, just to avoid potential vindictive drama llamas. I could solve it by making my entire LJ adult-tagged, or making anything that's not PG-rated friends -only, but there are enough people who are not on LJ or are underage who want to know about Two Lumps updates or regular "family friendly" humor that I'm going the complicated route. :)

So if you see something tagged, I haven't been reported and it doesn't mean it contains pr0n, just means it's public access but contains references to sex or violence or words that can't be used on prime time. I'm not bothering to tag any of my friends posts, as everyone on my friends list is either over 14 or lying their [censored] off about their age, either way, it's covered.
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