Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Random thoughts

I've recently gone into a trend, despite Idelph*, of listening to the classical music station on my way to and from work. I grew up listening to Tchaikovsky, and was trained in competitive classical piano as a kid, so I'm familiar with the Old Masters and always up for hearing new stuff. Loves me a harpsichord, etc. I've found that it helps, if not make me less homicidally psychotic after work, at least a more mellow version. More Hannibal Lecter and less Jason Voorhies, if you will.

It's also reminded me of something that I've held in the back of my head for quite some time now, inspired by Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment:

"Birds sang. The effect was peaceful, if you didn't know about birdsong, 
but Polly could recognise the alarm calls close by and 
the territorial threats far off and, everywhere, the preoccupation 
with sex. That took the edge off the pleasure.*

*It's hard to be an ornithologist and walk through a wood when all 
around you the world is shouting: 'Bugger off, this is my bush! 
Aargh, the nest thief! Have sex with me, I can make my chest big 
and red!'"

It made me realize that, despite the common idea that humans are separated from the rest of the animal kingdom by our creation of Art, modern popular music really just falls back into the category of freaking birdcalls and monkey hoots.

I'm not putting all art, obviously, or even all music in this category. "Uncategorizable" bands usually break this vein and that's how they earn the monker. But if you look at anything put out widespread by ClearChannel in the last 5 or more years, it pretty much all falls into the same category of Mating, Territory, or both.

"Have sex with me, I can make my chest big and red!"
"Bugger off, this is my bush/woman/club/scene!"
"Woe, my decided-upon mate has chosen someone s/he finds more suitable than I!"
"You! Who have chosen a mate! I am a more suitable mate than your chosen! Leave them and mate with me!"
"You! I have a mate, but I find your plumage/booty/face/mating dance more attractive, therefore I wish to spend my seed upon you without my chosen mate knowing, to spread my gene pool as is my right!"

I've really thought about it, and I'm having a damned hard time finding a single popular, wide-spread music single in the last half-decade or more that isn't about acquiring a mate, losing a mate, or acquisition/possession of property (usually in regards to attracting a mate). Are we really swerving back that close to just being grackles? Do you think that addition of lyrics as a standard to music as slowly contributed to this downfall? Opinions!

(Again, non-popular/"indie" music does not count in this, because I absolutely recognize that it does deviate from this normal and that's why I LOVE it, but I'm trying to gauge widespread societal standards at this point.)

*For those of you who are new, that's the name of my iPod, since it tends to give song-wise predictions of the day up ahead.
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