Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

In Which I Sabotage Myself

Hi. My name is Mel, and I'm a Boot Addict.

(Hi, Mel!)

Seriously. I don't care for shopping for clothing, chocolate leaves me "meh", even sexy pumps I'll smile at from afar but know they're not for me. I'm hard to tempt. But boots... *happy sigh*

I already own way too many pairs. Heck, I just sold a few that I bought years ago for clubbing and never wore. I have some that I still will rarely never wear but won't get rid of, some due to sentimental value (my Victorian wedding boots), some because they're an essential part of an elaborate costume that I wear on rare occasion (Channon Yarrow cyber boots, Dogwitch buckle platforms). Some I bought for regular wear then found they are not comfortable enough, but are good for business-dress occasions. Some just need to be repaired. Some just need to be donated or given away (too worn to sell). And some I wear all the darn time.

But some part of me is always looking for more.

I tend to curb myself by making sure I do my fantasy shopping at places I could never justify paying the prices at unless I won the lottery, such as John Fluevogs. And in past years, the fashion industry has helped me out as well by only putting out narrow, square-toed, stiletto-heeled boots in materials like purple ostrich skin. My addiction was curbed, I felt safe and confident.

Today I got an email about Dillard's new "Massive Fall Boot Sale!" "Ha!" says I, "Their offerings are full of Suck and Crap! I shall go mock their hideous unwearable lineup! HA, I say! And HA again! They have absolutely nothing with which to tempt me! I am invinci- ooh!
...oh, damn."
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