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Sock it to me, baby!

I've finally finished my first pair of socks! For some reason I was always a bit indimidated by the idea, after hearing how terribly complex the heels are, etc. Fortunately seawee, knitja that she is, pointed out that since I'd already done fair isle and lacework, basic socks were a walk in the park by comparison.

So I busted out some grey wool-ease I had in the stash and tackled f.pea's Intro to Socks. I was going for a pair of big, easy, thicker-than-hell socks that would hold up to wearing under my combat boots, and that's exactly what I got.

Even managed to avoid the "holes in short rows" phenomenon.

So, of course, now that I've done the most basic sock possible, I'm jumping straight into a pair of Bellatrix. Because I am a psychotic masochist. ;D

Although I cast them on last night, I know I need to set them aside for a while, because I need to finish the Cherie Amour that I am so very close to done on (I have something like 12 rows left on the final sleeve, then just blocking and sewing up), and then about a half-dozen holiday gifts to finish before I really start anything new for myself. Hurrah for financial thriftiness and the personal touch, boo for overwhelming time-suck.
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