Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Let's all sing the To-DOOM song!

Gotta Getta Done:
- Write a streeeeeep. Hyah, muse! *whipcrack*
- Spend "lunch" running auction items to post office and picking up gifting supplies
- Consume "Lunch Replacement in a Can". Feel very Vault 13.
- Speed home, get some work done on J.'s costume pieces. Cackle fiendishly.
- Go to class. Spend most of the evening working out there. Die.
- Resurrect, drag self home, use new undead powers on laundry. (Get your winding sheets whiter than white!)

Oughtta Getta Done:
- Write more streeps. Hyah, muse! *turns wheel of rack*
- Work on more costume pieces, if supplies have arrived.
- Work on holiday gifts instead of leaving everything to the last minute. (HA HA HA right)
- Try and find homes for garage stuff. Anyone in DFW want a large wall mirror or a fake Xmas tree?
- Mount bicycle hooks in garage so I actually have space to work on the damned costume.
- Exfoliate, de-fur, and generally make myself presentable to the world at large.

Wanna Getta Done:
- Finish wool socks now that weather has gone from 95 to 47 overnight. Fall? What's that?
- Finish sweater that I am SO CLOSE TO DONE ON. Soooooo close. Sooooo pretty. Sooooo #$%&%^ busy.
- Relax in some fashion. I'd be more specific except my brain can't stop planning other stuff.
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