Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


Absolutely Must Do Today:
- GO TO CLASS. I don't care if my entire work project gets erased (again), or I throw out my shoulder (again), or my head freaking FALLS OFF. I AM GOING TO CLASS. No I fucking well am not.
- Package up comic merch for tomorrow's mail.
- Package up auction for tomorrow's mail. YAY one sold! BOO none of the others even have bids!
- Work on adding some annotations to TL book manuscript.

Really Should Do Today:
- Purchase supplies to make something healthy for dinner, rather than A. junk or B. starving (which is at least better than junk).
- Finish adding annotations to TL book manuscript! RARR!
- Finish laundry so it will be DONE... for 2 hours until it starts building up again.
- Package up old worn-out clothes for charity.
- Put up auctions for old barely-worn/new clothes & shoes, refusing to learn from the past lose hope.
- Write at least one streep... backlog, dammit! It will happen without a storyline someday!
- Find/purchase more costume pieces/building materials. Moo hoo hoo ha haaa.
- Pick up a crochet hook to fix dropped stitch in sock, so I can get them DONE WITH and move on to making holiday gifts.

Wish I could do today:
- Nap for about a week
- Work on bulky sweater for meeeeeee
- Play an utterly mindless video game
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