Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


BTW, I am selling off some of my goth pretties that I have never worn and realized I have no intention of wearing, in order to make space and fundage for a desperately needed new pair of work-wearable shoes/boots.

Currently I'm listing these:

They're brand new and hot as hell. Never been worn other than the right boot being tried on once for fit and not even walked in. I'll be posting at least one more pair of Demonia boots imminently (Cyber-105 black pleather knee boots with the tall solid metal heel, but they've been discontinued, so no stock photos and I have to steal J's camera to take my own), as well as some skirts and tops most likely.

Pleeeease someone take my lovely gothwear to a new home where they will be loved!
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