Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


I think I may have broken myself on this new project. Buried in Gnomes, please send rescue dogs. The kind that carry the leetle barrels of booze.

Just woooo... random attacks of the shakes, right eye unfocusing, finding it difficult to actually write sentences in English because my brain keeps wanting to arrange words into classes. Went to take my boots off and my brain went "NO WAIT! I haven't parsed $footer yet so my FEET WILL NOT EXIST! HA HA HAAA!"

Having a smoke and a glass of wine and hoping some semblance of sanity will return so I can dive back into it.

function MachinesOfLovingGrace(){
  new Array = @MaterialThings(1,2,3);
  splice (@MaterialThings, 'faith');
  foreach $integer(@MaterialThings){
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