Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Your Daily D'awwwww!

Stolen mercilessly from ms_daisy_cutter.

Cat Uterus* strikes again! (SFW, unless squeeing over an adorable slightly mutated kitten will get you fired.)

*I've often joked that I was apparently born with a cat uterus. Most women my age seen an infant and go "OMG I WANT A BAYBEEE!" and I go "Oh, look, it's cute but vaguely wet and sticky. You can have it back now please." Then I see a kitten and go "OMG I WANT A DOZEN KITTENNNNZ!" So apparently my biological clock is geared towards felines.

ETA: Apparently it's named "Stumpy", due to the shortened forelegs caused by who-knows-what (you can see the difference when its sibling walks by). I am full of adorable-induced flail.
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