Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Yee! Redux

Okay, since I am offically allowed to let the cat out of the burlap at this point, J. and I have been haranguing the lovely shinga to get her extremely well-drawn and hysterically funny comic, "Head Trip", off LJ/DeviantArt and onto what we egotiostically call "a real web site".

ComiciGenesis (nee KeenSpace) has got its issues to be sure, but it is a very good place to get started. Unfortunately, its templating system, once you know it, is fantastic and automated and slick. If you don't know it, it's a giant hairball of confusing and non-arbitrary includes that will just about give you a brain tumor. Since I'd already fought my way through it, and since I do it for a living, I volunteered to set up shinga's site for her however she liked.

So now, after a couple of days of fiddling, the new Head Trip site is now live! It's basic enough to be browser-compatible for everything that counts (hey, NS4? Fuck you RIGHT IN THE EAR.), but I still think it looks pretty snappy. Being the perfectionist hand-flailing wench I am, I'm going to be pfutzing with it a lot more to make it all clean and shiny, but for the moment I'm just reveling in getting out of the months-long rut of non-result-giving code churn I've been in for what seems like EVER, and can go: LOOK! I MADE SOMETHING! AND IT WORKS AND IT'S NEAT! YAY!

And like I said, totally above and beyond my personal satisfaction, the comic roxxors any and all proverbial boxxors and is now even more available for the adoring masses to... uh... adore. As they should. So go! Adore the comic!

EDIT: I am also still giggling over my initial dork-squared recent news default text:

"September 3, 2007 - Went to Hot Gates. Saw freaky pierced dude. Killed a bunch o' Persians. It was the best day ever."

Bite me, Lorem Ipsum. ;D
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