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There is a local pizza place that is very very tasty and decently priced. The only beef we have with them is they seem to make a policy of putting the most braindamaged people on the phone to take orders. Usually it necessitates repeating the order at least twice, credit card info four times, to make sure the correct info has actually penetrated the skull on the other end of the line, despite the fact that they store your previous order info, including credit card info, in the computer. Tonight's dumb was small, but amusing.

Guy: Thanks for calling XYZ pizza!
Me: Hi, I'd like to place a delivery order.
Guy: Sure thing, ma'am! Is this for the address at (number I am calling from)?
Me: Yes it is.
Guy: Thank you, ma'am. So this is Josh?
Me: ...
Me: No, actually, my name is NOT JOSH.
Guy: ...OH! Sorry, uh...

I know I'm a contralto, but damn, dude. You've already called me "ma'am" twice in the conversation, that might have been your first hint. XD
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