Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Yee hee hee haa haaaaaaaa!

AnimeFest is done! We done did decently! Not nearly as much as A-Kon, but about twice what we thought we'd made. Seriously, we had stealth buyers or something. We didn't think we'd sold nearly so much stuff until we were packing up and were all "HOLY CRAP HALF OUR MERCH IS MISSING! WE'VE BEEN ROBBED! AND THERE'S ALL THIS EXTRA MONEY IN OUR CASHBOX! Wait a minute..."

The entire experience was just plain awesome. We got to meet Greg and Liz Dean, who are incredibly fun and awesome people and I only regret that we were all too busy and tired to get to hang out more. Along with them, we got to do a panel with Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub, who we'd gotten to meet very briefly at previous CAPE!s but never really got a chance to talk to, along with the ever-awesome Amelie Belcher, whom I want to be when I grow up. Our panels rocked the proverbial boxxorz.

We also ran into Pink and Pomm, who have an awesome comic themselves and are responsible for my fantastic icon. Right as we were about to leave, we also crashed into Scott Ramsoomair and his lovely ladyfriend, who was another person at A-Kon who we briefly saw but never got to actually talk to.

I'm sure there are other people I am forgetting because I suck and I HAVE GONE COMPLETELY INSANE. Srsly. Our table was, to be positive, located in a very easily findable area of the upper Artist's Alley/Bizarre Bazaar. To be negative, we were situated directly between the Makoto setup and a J-Pop radio station that had gigantic speakers up near the ceiling. There's little that can break my brain like hearing a perky, Japanese version of Nirvana's "Rape Me" at 10 AM. o_O They were very polite about trying to find a happy middle ground where they could be heard and we weren't having to scream ourselves hoarse to talk to fans, but the situation was less than ideal for either of us. It wears at your sanity, on top of the regular con psychosis.

This afternoon, I became the physical incarnation of end-of-Con-craziness. I finally managed to hit the dealer's room and pick up some schwag, so at the end of today I was running around, madly cackling, dressed in:
- My Spamalot "I'm not dead yet" shirt (got several comments from vendors on how appropriate that was)
- My regular ol' jeans
- A goth loli miniskirt over the top of them
- A giant, floppy bunny-ear beanie made with skull-print fabric ("It's like the chibi Donnie Darko!")
- A full-sized metal replica gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII - EDIT: Okay, looking at it again, it's slightly smaller than full size, but it's still huge and freakin' HEAVY and fully capable of laying a mutha out.

I think I traumatized more than a few people. My work here is done. Until the next Con. :D
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