Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


- Finish folding and putting away Mount St. Laundry. Coax self along like a truculent 5-year-old. "Come on, you're almost finished, there! Good girl!"
- Wash massive pillows and duvet and remake bed in guest room for impending parental visit
- Beat J. if he continues to go "Ooh! Clear surfaces! Must put piles of crap on them!" to newly-cleaned guest room
- Clean minorly-exploded kitchen before it gains momentum and becomes Truly Dirty
- Install awesome and adorable Tinkerbell lamp I bought for Trin's room, because I can't be an Evil Stepmother ALL the time
- Mop up random morning hairball
- Refrain from swatting cats with wet mop when they come over all "What are you doing? My goodness! What ruffian could have put that there? We are aghast!" (I failed)
- Write up documentation and instructions for everything I do at my current job
- Cackle like a hyena on nitrous oxide in a madhouse
- Attempt some self-study for new job
- Go lurk like an alligator in hyuuuge tub to make back stop spasming after yesterday's "Why of course I can carry a full box of reference books along with my laptop and my Bag Of Holding that is full of heavy statuettes, all the way across campus and up three flights of stairs in the parking garage! I am strong like bool! Rarr!" misadventure
- CLEAN GORRAM DESK RARR RARR RARR I AM SICK OF THIS PILE OF PAPERWORK GNAWING AT MY ELBOW Mostly done. There is still a pile of Things That Do Not Yet Have A Proper Place, so I need to figure out what to do with them. But it's small.
- Put together packet of copied house maintenance documentation, like a responsible adult HA HA HA
- Maybe, if I have time, do something for myself, like work out or wash my hair.
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