Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


It's funny how the things that seem like they should be the most leisurely are actually the most exhausting. I am more soaked in sweat now than I usually am after doing martial arts for twice as long. Then again, the school is air conditioned. ;)

But the backyard is about 75% in shape, at least, which isn't bad for someone who can only halfway use their dominant arm at the moment. Roses about half trimmed, the remainder to wait until I change into a long-sleeved shirt and put on my sturdy boots to go wading through the ant-infested mint jungle to get to them. Various encroaching armies of decorative srawberry, mint, rosemary, and various groundcover have been beaten back into their own territory, rather than sprawling across a quarter of the walkway. A few billion dozen sprouts from the neighbors' tree droppings have been dug out or at least hacked off. The past-bloom gladiolas have been trimmed down, so it no longer looks like we have random human spines lining the pool (which I somewhat regret). Two tons of palm trimmings have been disentangled from the strawberry bed and used to beat J. over the head with, since he decided "trimming the palm tree" included "kicking the rinds under the groundcover rather than throwing them away." These things have a biodegradation rate on par with styrofoam.

Still to be done soon: Finish trimming roses, hack off more small limbs from the neighbor's tree that are seriously about halfway to the pool, weed out encroaching grasses from the flowerbed nearest the lawn (seriously, I can't get the grass to grow in bare spots in the damn LAWN, but now it wants my flowerbed? I didn't know that grass itself actually fell victim to "the grass is greener" syndrome), wind a bajillion new vine shoots back into the trellis, get fungicide for the roses that I think are getting Black Spot. (Cursed pirate roses! Aharr!)

To be done eventually: Trim back the pseudo-palm-mutant-whatever-the-hell-it-is that is whacking the bedroom window every time the wind blows, figure out something to put in the planting bed next to the kitchen where the lawn guys decided to randomly murder all my bushes.

To be done yeah right: Do something tidy and chic with the horrible weedy trash pit hidden around the side of the house that gets no light and no drainage and the previous owner decided to just leave a half-ton of broken crap in. Possibly tile it and put in a small bistro patio set, with a few raised-bed areas around the edge for shade plants, and a little storage unit against the fence for gardening tools and pool supplies. And I also want a pony, and a sled, and a Red Ryder BB gun. :P
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