Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


- Finish Book 7 so I can get on the freaking internet again without having to skip every other post
- Ship out random storm of orders that came in as soon as I went out of town, not that I'm bitching, but HOW DO THEY KNOW
- Wash traveling clothes because they carry the funk of a thousand miles (underway)
- Make something for dinner that is edible yet magically free of calories and fat and is not made of unicorn czarina69's crock pot domination to the rescue!
- Refill pool before filtering system pulls a Mama Cass (underway)
- Finish 10 bajillion persnickety little event sites for work
- Roundly curse the existence of executives who get to go on a 4-day golf/luxury spa retreat and have it entirely paid for by the company AND GET PAID FOR WORKING AS WELL ARRRGH HATE HATE FROTH TWITCH
- Admit to a wee smidge of jealousy
- Pay enough bills to make the National Debt look like balancing a checkbook
- Trim roses before they make it over the fence and eat the neighbor's dog
- Ponder the last time the neighbor's dog crapped on our front lawn
- Clean off desk instead
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