Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


By the by, amonst all the other chaos that's gone on this week, the official diagnosis on my leg is "the mother of all bone bruises" (yes, that's a quote from the doc).

Which is what I thought it was at first, but due to the stabbing flare during cross-pressure and the fact that the x-ray revealed an actual DENT in the bone, made the doc send it out to a radiologist for a second opinion. Because, basically, if you got hit hard enough to actually knock a chunk in, you're almost guaranteed to have a chip or a hairline fracture of some kind.

But as it turns out, no, I'm the freaky exception. According to my doc, "I can't believe you guys kick that damn hard." I just managed to get whonked solidly enough and at such an angle that the bone didn't fracture at all, but a small part actually stove in like a door-ding in the grocery parking lot.

The bad news is, there's nothing more they can do about it but tell me to keep taking anti-inflammatories. The GREAT news is, since there's no break point that could be exascerbated by weight or twisting, I can go back to class as soon as it starts up after the holiday break. Yeah, it'll hurt, but FUCK that. If I'm not in danger of exascerbating or fully breaking it by practice, I'm raring to get back into class. Hells, I'm used to pushing myself to inhuman limits before/during testings to try and assuage a neurosis that if I don't handicap myself as much as humanly possible I can't convince myself I DERSERVE the rank. Dealing with one bunged limb during regular class is nothing.
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