Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


Just woke up from returning from A-Kon. I feel groggy, disoriented, beaten with a tire iron, and can't shake the vague nagging feeling I'm supposed to be at a panel somewhere.

That's kind of to be expected, though, considering we were essentially just forcibly immersed for 3 days in an entirely different world, complete with a 20k-ish population with its own separate customs, language, and in some cases physiology.

I'll atempt to do a much more detailed writeup later when I'm not walking into walls (and apoligizing to them), but in general: MUCH OF THE AWESOME! We had the rocking webcomic row, including a bunch of kickass people we'd met before (Randy Milholland, Jin Wicked, Trunks & Soto, Josh Lesnick) and a bunch of new utterly kickass people (Jennie Breeden, Mookie, Amanda Francis, VG Cats, and anyone else I am too brainfried to remember).
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