Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

In a nutshell

These shoes SUCK:
- Medical Insurance. "We don't want to pay $10 to prevent this injury, but we'll pay out $2,000 instead to fix the injury after you get it. HA!"
- EDS. Have I mentioned that I am STILL fighting with them over the SAME project? The one that consists of installing a single database? Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue...
- Free time? Sometime around May 24. Maybe.
- OMFG BODY OW. It feels like my shoulder joints are packed with broken glass and as if my tibias are riddled with stress fractures. Have cord test tomorrow, can't take it easy.
- Still very sad over family matters. It'll pass, but things go slowly.
- Having a goodly amount of money in my account, and realizing that's only because all the bill payments haven't finished going through yet. PONY: NOT YOURS. Pfeh.
- Dear Sirs: I am continuing to witness a distinct Lack of Carrots occurring within your web domicile. Please rectify this immediately.
- S Dobrado. 'Nuff said.

These shoes RULE:
- I'm 99.999% ready for the cord test tomorrow. Just have to do some final brush-up on movement names and musical rhythms.
- Starting May 18, I will get to work from home half the time. This means I will actually be able to GET SHIT DONE, both with work and around the house. I can actually work in the yard during my lunch break! I can actually HAVE A LUNCH BREAK! The whole thing is staggeringly wonderful.
- Had a dual birthday lunch for coworkers today, and the restaurant they picked serves chicken fried steak, and chicken fried chicken. That's it. <3 Texas. So I am currently full of approximately half a deep-fried cow. Pr pr pr.
- I don't have to get up too terribly early tomorrow. YAY!

ohmigawd, shoes!
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